Thursday, 2 August 2007

Lenovo Summer Sale

Its summer time and the big brands are out there with amazing offers to beat the heat. Bigbrands takes a close look at one of the worlds leading customer focused company with innovative PCs and best-in-class customer service. We are talking about none other than Lenovo who offers top-notch products, lowest total-cost of ownership, high productivity and the world-class support of IBM. If you are not into the grove of what we are talking about then dive into the world of Laptops and fish the one that best suits you at bargain price.

Beat the heat and save with Lenovo

Ultimate versatility is what you dream about then hook on to the X60 or new X61 ThinkPad Tablet with a discount upto $490 or save $390 on the new extremely portable X61 ThinkPad.

If you are a highly mobile user and you need a balance of performance and portability then T series should be what you looking for. These award-winning T60 and new T61 ThinkPad Notebooks are all yours with a discount up to $285.

If you are a mainstream user then save up to $200 on the new coolest and the quietest R61 ThinkPad Notebooks.

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