Friday, 14 September 2007

Website Grader - Another Evil of John Chow??

Website Grader - A tool that gives your website or blog a grade seems to have made a quick impact on the blogging community. But the question is : "Is this another John Chow evil".

John Chow posted on his blog that Darin Carter can also an interesting tool - Website Grader which will generate a report for your blog just by entering your URL. Analysis the tool was really interesting.

John Chow has been ranked at 99/100 and I cannot find anyone ranked higher than John Chow. I took an interested approach of searching for the internet giants like Google / Hotmail / Yahoo / Ebay / Amazon and all were rated below John Chow.

Another interesting part of this article is that Darin Carter could get only 4 comments at the time I am writing this blog but John Chow has already crossed 60 comments. Blogging on a blog seems to be a great market and revenue generator.

John Chow's Website GraderGoogle's Website Grader

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