Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Veri Support - Support Ranking

Companies are struggling in today’s competitive, global market with how to create differentiation. Although some focus on products or pricing, there is one critical factor that ultimately influences how often customers return to make additional purchases and recommend the company to their friends—confidence.

Confidence in the company’s ability to support its customers before, during, and after the sale as well as the company’s reputation is a central component of developing long-term trust. And long-term customer trust is what builds a stable base of returning, loyal shoppers.

VeriSupport’s innovative and unique Support Ranking (SR) Program helps companies build that confidence. Using a combination of automated and manual assessment processes, VeriSupport’s program gauges the company’s ability to support its customers (through live chat, email and phone), its overall reliability, and its responsiveness to support requests and customer feedback.

The combination of these assessments, scored by a proprietary and patent-pending system, creates the company’s dynamic Support Ranking (SR) score. Displayed prominently in any page of its website through an easily-integrated SR Score Certificate, this score is updated periodically to reflect VeriSupport’s continued monitoring and assessment. The certificate itself is interactive, enabling the company’s customers to drill into the factors that make up their score, submit support requests, or provide real-time feedback.

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